Calliope Marchand

OK, bit of a whopper of a post this time round... I thought I'd put down some of the ideas I had about the character and her back story when creating her...

This is Calliope Marchand, a young girl who stole away from her wealthy but tyrannical merchant parents to become a pirate captain, only to build her reputation up enough to incite her crew to mutiny, whereby she was keel-hauled and left to drown.

Shortly before expiring, she is saved in the clutches of mermaids, who deliver her to Poseidon, God of the Sea. Poseidon is hell-bent on recapturing the lands that humans have been pillaging for countless years. It is with this view he transforms Calliope into a sea creature with the ability to swim without need of breath in water, and walk unfettered on land, so that he might amass an army to wage stealthy war on those of above the waves.

Upon her metamorphosis, Calliope's face becomes a pearlescent mask of her old visage, her skin becomes a coarse blue like that of a shark and her hair becomes the tentacles of an octopus. She is granted unparalleled swimming ability, incredible camouflage and a mouth that conceals horrifying beak-like teeth.

Her main method of attack is to attract unwary pirates by way of singing in the night (Calliope means beautiful voice in Greek), skin camouflage and an alluring scent-cloud that is exhaled through glands in her hair. The pink mist hypnotises her prey to the point that when they have ambled in love-struck, it is too late, and they are mauled in particularly gory fashion...

Below is some of the concept art I did whilst developing the character...

[Initial Sketches]

[Cal's flag design]

[Some pose ideas]

[Attack style]

There'll be a turnaround video + wireframe coming up soon...

Dock's Office - VFX Project

Above is a screengrab from a VFX project I completed at uni. Click the HERE for a link to the video.

My idea was a 'Last Broadcast' - some unspecified global event has left the world in ruin, and this character is one of the few remaining survivors, charged with the task of documenting the last gasp of humanity. He is surrounded by technology of varying stages of decay, cobbled together from numerous scavenging runs into the cities... I wanted a wobbly, gritty vibe to the shot that would help conjure up the feeling that this technology – due to it's age and state of disrepair – could malfunction at any time...

Software used:

Modelling: Maya
Textures: Photoshop
Render: Mental Ray
Composite: Nuke
Camera: RED

Long Overdue Update

Apologies for the lack of updates (they say a neglected website is a dead website) – I've been rather busy with my degree which comes to an end in less than a month. The horror is indescribable. As a break from uni stuff I made time to finish off a drawing that was supposed to be for a friend's 30th birthday... 2 years ago. Inspired by the way they played the ever-popular DayZ, this little number was finally completed just the other evening.

Hopefully, regular updates will start to happen again soon.

Medium: Digital

Suave Motherfather

Quick five minute doodle whilst watching Rambo 2... Not sure how one inspired the other but I'll roll with it for now.

Medium: digital

Fobozo – ZBrush Character Sculpt

This is Fobozo, my first character sculpt in zBrush. He's an ageing supervillian, who lives in an underpass below a busy main road with his only friend, Backchat, a stray cat he found abandoned on the hard shoulder near his home.

Fobozo (full name: Facetious Obnoxious Bozoh) is the last son of distinguished supervillain father Sarcasticus Insidious Bozoh III and mother Bellitla Priss.

Much to his parents chagrin, Fobozo's attempts at wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting city almost always fail. His ill-fated plans include the hi-jacking of a lightbulb factory to break all the bulbs (by shaking them vigorously or dropping the boxes). In this Fobozo hopes to "plunge the city into a night-time world of perpetual darkness and shadowy terror", but all that happens is the city-folk revert to candlelight and are impressed with how beautiful everything looks in the warm, flickering glow.

Fobozo retreats to his dingy lair and laments in thespian woe to Backchat, who pays very little attention.

All Fobozo wants is to be installed in his father's pride, and to reflect the crippling misery he feels back on the world that has treated him so cruelly.

Added to 3D Gallery.

Model: ZBrush
Textures: Photoshop

Witches & The Gatekeeper

Another uni project where we had to design a monster. I imagined these witches chucking all manner of nasty bits and pieces into a cauldron to concoct this beast. The bone dust of a former guardsmen and half a dozen squid corpses perhaps. Once they're born they adopt a large, Grecian face mask that all the octo-beards dangle out of. They're supposed to be summoned up in pairs to protect city gates or something, but they don't take kindly to the awakening process...

Medium: real Ink on real Paper