Animals, just because.

Because sometimes you just have to draw something nice. In other related news check out this band I'm in. Just because sometimes you just have to listen to something nice.


Saw Sigoeroeurnenry Weaver on John Ross the other night and there's talk of another Alien film that might happen. Which'll be goddamn fantastic unless they do a *insert 4th film in a trilogy that is still a trilogy in my brain* on it. But maybe they already got that out of the way with Resurrection (which I didn't mind that much). I used to have all the figures as a kid, one Alien had a head that had bull horns on it and a headbutting action, another had the ability to get blown to pieces. Queen alien had massive flapping wings. Awesome.

Anyway, this was drawn from mind off the back of that with no reference, so don't look too close..!

Medium: Digital, Photoshop

Old Bed for A Game

OK, just a work in progress. Exploring PBR workflow. New software. Trying to get some assets into a game. So here's a low res bed. It's seen some things, man. Like it's been through a few wars, maybe been left out in the rain in a ditch. Poor Old Bed.

Here's the wires and the UV mapped versions for people that like that sort of thing...

Model: Maya
Texturing/Render: Substance Painter

About Robert Smith

I  r e a l l y  hate CVs and CV writing. Nailing yourself to a page of A4 would be simpler and more effective. So in a bid to put off rewriting mine for the 900th time I just did a picture that I'm strongly considering sending to prospective employers instead...

Medium: Digital (Photoshop)

Calliope: Inks

Calliope exploring an old pirate cove. Awaiting colouring. Colouring that will happen at some point in the future...!

Medium: Digital (Photoshop / Painter)


Here's a coupla bits of promotional work I did for a film project called P.E.S.T. It was about zombies so I couldn't really refuse..!

Logo & Poster

Medium: Digital (Photoshop & Illustrator)

Japanese Ryu

Just a little Japanese Ryu. Been following Sketch Dailies for ages and thought I'd have a stab at some of the topics they suggest...

Might try this design out in 3D...

Medium: Digital (Painter)